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Striking Steelhead Released!

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This is our first blog post!    This site has been up for about 5 years as an outlet for our products and others that we like a lot.    This is an exciting week as a product we have been working on for a very long time is finally being released.     The product, a steelhead fly fishing DVD called Striking Steel, is available on our DVD page. 

Erik Rambo produced and filmed this DVD.  Erik is a professional videographer who loves steelhead fishing.  He spends much of his time doing shoots for the automotive industry-- filming fishing is part work, part recreation for Erik.    He also has other hobbies, and does beautiful landscape photography and is a ski instructor.     He and I have become good friends over the years which strengthens our fishing projects.    

So to the video:   Striking Steelhead is a DVD which gives an in depth look at several aspects of steelhead fishing.   We discuss fishing different types of structure that you would fish, reading the water, and fishing in the tough and unusual situations we often face in the Great Lakes Region.   It is a unique product, that any one who has fished for Great Lakes steelhead will enjoy! 

Tight Lines!--Kevin Feenstra